Hi there. I’m Erika K. Thank you for visiting my site. Welcome to the future of health/medicine and to YOU, upgraded! This is a space that highlights my current offerings as a Holistic (Quantum) Medicine Practitioner (DNM-Doctor of Natural Medicine-candidate). What is that? Combine the practices of a Functional Medicine Practitioner, a Yoga Therapist, a Health & Recovery Coach, a Quantum Physicist, a Spiritual Guide and you'll get a rough idea. A new medicine is upon us and it couldn't have come at a better time. Reach out for a free consult. To learn more about my role as a practitioner, click below: 


Medicine Bird Quantum Wellness PLLC :

Holistic=whole/total. Cancer, for example, is dis-ease that has finally manifested in the physical body well after it has announced itself symptomatically, all the while making its way through the four bodies preceding the physical (emotional/energetic, mental, supra-mental, bliss/unified).* Dis-ease is just that—a lack of ease. Western medicine aims at ridding the physical body of the physically manifested dis-ease through 2 modalities: chemicals (“medicine”) & surgery. These modalities, however, do not treat the root. It’s like cleaning up a giant puddle of water, emptying the overflowing sink, but leaving the actual faucet running. Natural/Holistic wellness of this sort (with a focus on the quantum laws of all life) locates the faucet & supports the owner of the faucet in making the internal quantum leap/move to close that valve. 


Mine is a general wellness practice in quantum medicine with an emphasis on addiction (not just drugs & alcohol, but any obsessive, painful behavioral patterns) anxiety/depression, autoimmune disease & cancer. 


Yours in healing,**


Erika K.


*See image 

**From the root word wholeness

(Above: the path that both health as well as illness travels through all the layers that make up US. The Mother Science of Quantum Physics calls this, Downward Causation. See @medicinebird_quantumwellness on Instagram for more. 

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Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy

BEYOND REIKI: The Receiving Room

Receive Channeled Divine Light Healing "Beyond Reiki," some of the most current, high, healing energies available


Quantum Health Coaching 

Holistic Health Upgrade

Disease prevention & maintenance. Heal at the root level; emotional, mental & physical fitness follows. 


Quantum Yoga Therapy

Total personal transformation 

Practices to support you in your upgrade from ego-based small self to Self-empowered, quantum Soul Self. 

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Yoga Practice


Anne G. (5 Star Google Review)

I have too much to say, so I'll try to keep it brief. Completely life changing experience from a very wise, compassionate, and knowledgeable healer and teacher. I started working with Erika at a very rough time in my life. I was grieving, depleted, burned out, getting out of touch with myself and my purpose, and feeling thoroughly stuck. I went to Erika to try raiki for the first time but ended up doing many sessions with her where she imparted a comprehensive understanding of how our emotions, thoughts, attitude, and living out of line with our nature can wreak havoc on our minds, bodies, and spirit. Many of the most fascinating and impactful conversations of my life. Also very valuable energy work and incorporation of movement from a very experienced yogi, raiki practitioner, and meditator. Quite possibly the best thing I've ever done for myself. A few months later my well being score (measured by Modern Health) has doubled, I no longer feel stuck, and am approaching that state of peace and bliss we are all yearning for. I sincerely wish for others the difference this work has made in my life!

Stacy S, (5 Star Google Review)

Erika is a being unlike any other. She guides her clients to the path and then shines the spotlight on the individual so they can get themselves energetically moving on this journey. She tailors every session very specifically to each individuals needs. Her knowledge, patience and love are part of what makes EK so fantastic. Keep coming back for more ❤️

Ann C., Austin TX

I've known Erika K for almost 10 years. She is one of the most smart, wise and compassionate people I know. I consider myself an extremely intelligent person and not many people have the brains, the heart, the education and the active listening skills to get through to me--especially in such a way that i actually take a look at myself and make necessary changes. where necessary. I don't know of many (maybe two including Erika) who understand the root cause of health and disease  and have both the natural intuitive gifts and teaching skills to help others heal. Not just temporarily banish symptoms, but to actually support real healing.  


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