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Below is a sampling of meditations for you to enjoy. Erika utilizes nearly a decade's worth of undergraduate and graduate-level training in creative writing and psychology as well as yoga & meditation teaching experience to offer a new meditative format/therapeutic modality: a combination of *Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga, guided Imagery & other poetic elements. As a professional master poet & natural innovator Erika utilizes these elements to create a rich tapestry of sensual and sense-driven experience that encourages the listener away from the smaller, contracted thinking brain into the more vast, relaxed/receptive wisdom mind.  Check back regularly to this site for additions.   



*Yoga Nidra-sleep with awareness (a conscious, alert relaxation). It is said by long-time practitioners and teachers to provide a depth of rejuvenating rest that even a full night’s sleep cannot provide.


*Nada Yoga-Nada meaning “the flow of sound.” Yoga meaning “union between the individual mind, and the collective conscious mind, wisdom mind, or God mind.” 


Why sound?

The EARS are said to be the most powerful sense organ, the first to develop in utero, and the last sense to hang in there before physical death. Many advanced practitioners and teachers claim sound meditation to be the most powerful path to self-realization.


2 Min - Erika Kluthe


For quick centering and alignment before or between daily activities. 

5 Min - Erika Kluthe


A stepping stone to a daily alignment practice. 

10 Min - Erika Kluthe


Drop in further to adjust your energetic frequency to that of your source. Empower your higher self before starting an intense work day or making a decision.

Soul Star - Erika Kluthe

SOUL STAR-17:19 mins

This is a meditation for the purpose of both significantly grounding and widening one's field, both of which are helpful for stressful or overwhelming days, times and events. One takes such a position to "protect" one's perceived vulnerability, not shrink. Onward, upward, outward... & enjoy...

Brain Heart Coherence - Erika Kluthe

Brain Heart Coherence-7:50 mins

This is one of the most powerful energetic/meditative practices we can engage in as energetic beings. When the brain & heart are in communication/working together, our power, resilience & ability to receive infinite wisdom from our Higher Selves piques. Practice this exercise for 3+ minutes a day, several times a day in order to increase your ability to live and operate in a coherent state. Military, Navy Seals & emergency service personnel are taught this practice in order to operate in a pique state but also to be able to return to a regulated state after intense experiences. 

Heart Meditation/Poetic Experience - Erika Kluthe


 I created this meditative experience in 2019 for a "Sense & Feel" meditation class I taught at Sukha Yoga in Austin, TX. Let the cadence, coherent rhythm, vocal tone & imagery within the recording drawn you into a deeper brain state. From this state we are more likely to reside in a state of receiving rather than thinking thoughts; receiving infinite guidance from the vijnanamaya kosha, or wisdom brain. 

Gentle Gong Bath - Erika Kluthe

MINI GONG BATH-8:52 mins 

This is a short excerpt from a gong bath I led in 2019. It is just under 10 minutes. Sit comfortably or lie down & allow your attention to focus on the short, high, staccato notes & broader longer-held sound waves. As the brain moves from note to note you will find yourself peeling away from the rational/linear mind & toward the more relaxed/receptive intuitive mind. 

Root Meditation - Erika Kluthe


Listen to this meditation to be embodied/get grounded into your energetic root center. The root chakra or 'muladhara' ("root support") is responsible for feelings of safety and having all basic survival needs met. This center is responsible for the opposing feelings of insecurity when under-nourished. When our basic earthly needs are met we can then expand into higher creativity, higher states of consciousness & higher thinking. 

Amniotic Rock - Erika Kluthe


This meditation has a super slow pace. It is meant for those already in a slowed-down meditative state in order to go into even more subtle realms of meditative experience and then total silence for 30-50 breaths after the track ends (count backward). Should you choose to enter in to the recording from a fast or frenzied pace of mind you may find the slower pace irritating to listen to (the opposite of the intended effect). Don't say I didn't warn you. Heehee. 

Bone Fire - Erika Kluthe


This meditations it is largely body-focused, encouraging a sense of energetic grounding & embodyment. 

Private personal & small group meditations available upon request.


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