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I’m Back—The Weird* Knowledge Project

Why I’m (soon to be) back on social media.

The psychic energy on social media platforms feels, to me, super toxic. Losing my mom, my most beloved friend, a year ago, opened my eyes and my heart wider than ever before; I didn’t have the energy for anything outside of present face-to-face life experience. But after a trip to self-care city, my cup floweth over. And since joy multiplies when gifted…

In my experience

A Higher Truth is asking for humanity’s attention and I’m heeding the call to put my own expression of this Truth out there for those who resonate. For those who, like me, are Truth-seeking curious-ones who think like a **mystic: who think in wholes rather than parts.

Back in Grad School, half my life ago, I specialized in the study and writing of Poetry because everything else in my little academic world was too heady for me. It felt unbalanced, exclusive, even at times snotty and dangerous. And even poetry, who let me live from my heart as well as my head, was not enough for me. I wasn’t able to live and express my full Truth; my life careened into a bottle. That’s a story for another day.

It was yoga, meditation and all accompanying like-practices that opened up for me space alongside my head and my heart; it got me into my body, my energy, and introduced me to my Soul-Self: spacious landscapes with more room in which to move and breathe. This is where I felt all cylinders firing.

When finally feeling like I was speaking from a place more fully ME, a lifetime of extraordinary experiences took shape like a puzzle; my knowing, clarifying. My knowing is that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience (or conducting a human experiment) in more than just a dual realm, but rather a multi-dimensional spiritual or quantum universe.

And if you hadn’t noticed, the rules of our lives and world are changing.

When I first started publicly teaching and speaking out on social media platforms nearly a decade ago I got some flack for the woo. “You can’t love and light your way through this one,” someone once said. I’m aware of spiritual bypassing. I have a strong definition for it. And I’m absolutely certain I’ve done my fair share of it in the past trying to avoid pain—though hear this: A. Awareness is curative, and B. there are several paths to the same summit.

Moving along. I’ve got an insatiable curiosity for exploring how this world works, always have, and after a past blazing with darkness, I am driven insatiably toward the light. And if you’re like: “I don’t believe in all that woo woo crap, I believe in science,” well, I do too. It’s why I’m becoming a scientist. It’s why I enrolled in the university (thanks to my brilliant partner for finding it!) that is the international leader in Quantum Physics-based education. Not only this, but it’s the place that is speaking the inconvenient truth (inconvenient to a materialist/capitalist culture) that in fact, The Mother Science of Quantum Physics is detailing for us the workings of the Spiritual realm. That is flipping reality on its head. That is doing away with lack or fear tactics that keep populations under-financed and over-controlled. The playing field is evening out, and some don’t want that (sorry, not sorry, but you can’t stop the tide). We are returning to our natures. And I am here in a front row seat for it. If you’re interested in joining me, stay connected. Nothing is of greater value to me than my human family.

I spend my days completing requirements for three degrees proving that SCIENCE is in fact the language of SPIRIT and how to interpret this language in a way that helps us heal. That helps us get WHOLE (from the root-word meaning of the word to “heal”). That returns us to our Higher Selves. We are NOT the small, fearful, old-world, limited, ego-selves that are easily controlled by large exterior systems. Those addicted to power would like us to believe this. A potent seed I like to plant and replant: beliefs and Truths are two different things entirely. What we ARE: infinitely connected/guided, Self-empowered Co-creators of the universe. This is every bit as real as gravity.

With and through all-knowing Creative Intelligence (ie: God, Spirit, Source, QP, higher power, Allah, Hashem, etc.) we can and will do all things. Quantum Physics is the Science of possibility. It’s time to hear and live Truth. To pull the curtain back. To unwind from and let go of the shit that is not us--to feel the pain of letting it go--to grab our upgraded gifts and go about the business of living, fully alive and having MORE FUN.

We are like sting rays that have been pulled up onto the hot, dry sand. This is not our nature. We do not move beautifully here. Though we’ve adapted ourselves to this unnatural way of being (culture), it is not our home nor our place of Truth. Many are slipping back into the water where we move much more easily and beautifully. Join us, family.

My intention with these new posts is put into simple-ish, digestible bites, complex, unfamiliar, esoteric (maybe even weird) information. Information in the realm of the woo. Where science meets the spiritual meets meaning in our lives. What I say is not gospel, it’s just me, a curious human trying to understand the big world through all of their resources and lenses. Even the most “educated” among us is taking guesses at how this great mystery works, our reasons for being here, where we are headed and why.

I'll end on this--everything in the cosmos is in a state of constant expansion. Period. Law. We are moving from density to light. WE are the ones who apply mental meaning (beliefs and Truths are different things). And even though it may appear that the world we once knew is disintegrating--and it is--this is an essential step in the expansion/creation process. Good things are coming. Better things. Great things. Einstein once said something that he knew to be the most important thing a being could know: "This is in fact a friendly universe." ALL is working FOR our benefit." Period. Law.

*weird—from the root word meaning, fate.

**mysticism (more): a person who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the comprehension of the intellect; attainment of insight, in ultimate or hidden truths, and to human transformation, supported by various practices and experiences.

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