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Light Beings & The F.L.U. Virus (Frequency Light Upgrade)

If you visualize biting into a freshly cut and quartered lemon, you'll salivate. This is an exercise I did with many a yoga and yoga teacher training class. Our thoughts have a direct effect on our physiology/biology. Thoughts are invisible. They can be considered one aspect of the invisible field surrounding all material life that has a direct effect on it.

Humanity is evolving. And we are taking a quantum leap in that evolution right now. Times may currently look dark to some/many, but think of the heartening truism: "It's always darker before the dawn." I wish your sweet hearts, patience, in this trying time, dear ones.

It may not look like it at the moment, but humanity is quite literally lightening up. To help this make sense in a more material way, think of phones and computers. Big heavy pay phones and computers have gotten smaller and lighter, quickly. They now fit in our pockets; wrap around our wrists like bracelets. Human bio-technology precedes computerized technology. Just ask spiritual genius, Gary Zukav about this scientific fact. This means that, just like we are finding it necessary to learn new computer technology, we must learn how to care for our own individual biological technology, otherwise our old hardware will become outdated and unable to run newer programs. We cannot cling to the past. We are here to expand and expand we will.

In terms of emotions and thoughts, fear and lies are considered dense/heavy. Conversely, ease and gratitude are considered light. As all life takes this current leap in our collective evolution, we will do so with far greater ease when we lighten our loads. This is one of the reasons meditation is of utmost importance. If we do not safe guard our minds, and consciously choose where to put our thoughts, a larger, far more powerful collective mind will place our thoughts for us. When a collective mind is running on low-vibrating, dense, dark fear, what suffers? Our nervous systems, which in turn effect every single aspect of our health/life.

I say this all now in a time where many are being affected by sickness. I extend my heart to all of my human family that are afraid and suffering right now. I also offer a thought: many advanced thinkers, intuitives and spiritual teachers have called the flu, a Frequency Light Upgrade. We are light-beings. Strange but true. Yep, like everything else on the planet, according to leading science, we are made of photons (bio-photons). As we evolve, and again, quite literally lighten up, we are increasing the amount of light we are holding. In order to do that, we need to make space. This means, release the density. Like emptying your closet of old clothes to make room for your new spring wardrobe. Makes sense, doesn't it? I hope so. It does to me. Anyhow, as we take in larger amounts of light, sometimes this shows up in sickness, and sickness helps density surface to be purged. Even if this is a human-engineered virus, which some believe, and I think is quite possible, regardless, I see this Corona Virus as a collective density purge. Considering a larger picture view in a what can be a frightening time helps keep my nervous system calm. And I'm hoping that if your eyes are running over these words, you are feeling your own pulse and breath steady and slow. In the words of Geoffrey Rush's character in Shakespeare in Love: All ends well.

In the words of yours truly, everything is gonna be ok.

Yours in the eternal adventure,


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