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More About Me & My (Love) Offerings...

As promised, the following are a few words about my current offerings, as well as the studies & credentials that support those offerings. Moreover, & in my opinion, more importantly, I will also share the heart wallop/cosmic sledge hammer that brought me to the here & now.

I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in Quantum/Natural Medicine and a Board Certified Quantum Health Practitioner and coach working with some of the best teachers in the field including Dr.’s Amit Goswami (Theoretical Quantum Physicist), Joe Dispenza (Neuroscientist, Chiropractor/universally beloved author & miracle-worker) Paul Drouin (Medical Doctor, President of IQUIM) & Bruce Lipton (Developmental Biologist).

Well over a decade ago I left the mind-centered world of academia. I did love teaching higher ed. writing, but was desperately heeding a call toward the more open and power-rich terrain of the heart, body & spirit. Albeit a beautiful call, it was brutal. Brenee & Glennon call it, I believe, “brutiful.” After yoga pulled me out of one of the darkest, most frightening and ill-balanced places in my life, I fell in love with it hard and practiced non-stop; a few years later I followed one of those divine signs to formally study. Two weeks into my certification, I began teaching full-time. For the past decade I have taught yoga & meditation in Austin, Texas. Within that timeframe I started to professionalize my own practice, taught and mentored teachers-in-training, worked in tandem with a local chiropractor as a privately trained Yoga Therapist and led spiritual retreats worldwide. Studying Craniosacral Therapy and becoming a Certified CDLH* Reiki Master steered me away from working with large groups as much and toward individual care. At this same time, my mom, my most favorite human, became ill with ovarian cancer. Walking through that harrowing journey with her gave me the final nudge toward medicine. I watched for years as my mother lived unhappy (& therefore unhealthy) emotional & mental patterns. As a highly sensitive being I could feel them daily knitting themselves (as they do) tapestry-like into physical form. I watched a slowly worsening illness drag my mom through a final four years of relentless pain & unceasing terror. The cancer finally took her life in October of 2020. Incredibly grateful for the western medical community's intelligence and efforts, I now see this medicine for what it is: "emergency medicine.” Last minute stuff. And boy do we need it! But it MUST be used for and called what it is; It is not a method of healing. Medical doctors are not trained in medical school to heal. They are trained in "lifestyle extension" (conditioned lifestyles riddled with emotional, psychological and behavioral patterns that are harmful to deadly). Their scope of practice is based dominantly on two things: pharmaceuticals and surgery. These two things are becoming more and more intolerable (not to mention unaffordable) for our increasing sensitivities as an expanding/evolving species. I lost my father years ago, so this was the second time I saw and felt the painful, obvious limitations of western medicine viewed and used as primary medicine.

After I dissolved into near-bottomless grief, I emerged softer, stronger, sure and focused (the gifts of time well-spent with our informative shadows—contrast always serves). Feeling swathed in the most grounded light I’ve yet experienced, I’m stoked to ride on the leading edge of new/ancient medicine and to be part of the complete revamp and democratization of our health and medical systems. So much of humanity's freedom lies here! It's time we all got to know who and what we are, for what purposes we are here, how to care for the multi-dimensional beings we are, and what it means to live a conscious, fully-alive life.

As a natural intuitive and old soul that has been around the block, I am highly aware of the global awakening/natural expansion period we are smack dab in the middle of. Thanks to events beginning in 2020 we are all finally seeing it. The planet and all life upon her is upgrading significantly. We cannot live in a high-energy environment with outdated software (energetic templates/belief systems) & hardware (the body). It’s just that simple. This is where my service comes in. I am here to help support you in the transformation of your total, holistic health from the true root (this goes deeper than "stress" and "inflammation”—this answers the question: what am I doing to continuously cause myself stress & irritate the inflammation?! (sidenote: we are not victims of anything, including genetics…we are self-empowered co-creators, epigenetic-beings (epi meaning “above”) if you will.

What I practice and support you in practicing is preventative, holistic (whole: all 5 layers!) self-care that keeps one living in their nature and from choosing to live the story of someone like my mama who was a good, good, hurt human who was too afraid to shift her negative thought patterns and feel repressed feelings. In the 5 layers of the human being (physical, emotional, mental, supramental & bliss/unified) dis-ease begins deep within the supra-mental (spiritual, essentially). If we do not heal here, dis-ease, addiction & trauma resurface in time. Period. I combine 20 years of experience in 12-step programs with the tools of Yoga Therapy, Quantum Physics, Reiki, Digital Biofeedback, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Acupressure, Hypnosis and elements of sacred ceremony (an important aspect of many far healthier cultures that the west has been sorely lacking) etc.—intuitively and intelligently combined in a way tailored to you for the purpose of catalyzing your shift from ego-driven, addicted, small self—if you live in the west, or a western-influenced culture, yes, you hold the energy of addiction—to the High (Soul) Self: the free, Self-empowered us that is clear, energized, purpose-driven & alive.

Individual sessions are available for trial, though this work is deep and cumulative—it requires repetition and the consistent formation of new habits. When you commit to a 5-10 session package, cost per session not only declines significantly, but it gives us the time to create for you a "Svadyaya Map." Svadyaya is sanskrit for self-study. Never have you seen a reflection of yourself like this. One of the highest spiritual aspects we can achieve is to "Know thyself," and to "Thine own self be true." This is from where peace, ease, knowing, health and renewing energy come. Whether or not you choose to work with me, no matter, Don’t pass this kind of work up! You, your time, energy and resources are more than worth it. As a doctor mentor of mine was fond of saying: “God/The Universe/Spirit/Infinite Intelligence helps those who help themselves.” Don’t believe it? Wanna see life become like magic before your very eyes? I dare you to simply be willing to open your heart to this. Don’t mistake this for me asking anyone to DO anything. I’m simply suggesting the (BE)ing state of willingness.

*CDLH: Channeled Divine Light Healing (see:

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