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Special Offer for Yoga Teachers & Teachers-In-Training

Would you like to hone/upgrade your teaching skills?

Learn how to create energetically conscious classes for your students?

Upgrade your teaching style/offerings to support your students in the upgrading, faster moving energies we have been (& will continue to be) experiencing?

Learn how to be & offer a coherent presence, offering one of the most powerful/beneficial energetic practices on the planet?

Would you like to begin consciously eating the melons you're selling, so to speak; walk your talk; lead by example?

Teach while in the seat of your Higher Self?

Experience greater personal freedom & total/holistic health?

The list goes on. Set up a free call with me to talk about how we will tailor this learning experience for your unique being. Text 561-703-9150 to set this up. Easy peasy.

As opposed to year-long, full mentorships that run in the ballpark of $3,000. The "Mini-Mentorships" will consist of 5-10, 90-120 minute one-on-one sessions with me either online or at my home yoga office in NE Austin. They will also include the opportunity for you to assist two of my public classes, as well as have me attend two of your classes with my direct, specific feedback. Should you choose the 5-pack you will have the opportunity to assist one class & have me attend one of your classes with the same specific feedback.

Some of our greatest spiritual aims are:

A. To "Know Thyself"


B. "To thine own Self, be True."

But who are You? Who are you beyond the descriptors of your personality? The smaller, egoic self, as opposed to The Transcendent Self aka: the Soul/Higher Self?

I've been working with groups of & individual teachers & teachers in training for a decade, this July. I've had a recent influx of both holistic/quantum health clients as well as teachers seeking support. To help meet this higher demand, I am creating space in my schedule for "Mini-Mentorships." These will be more cost/time effective.

This is the first time I am offering this form of personal work and it will run for a limited time only as I will be involved in more time consuming trainings as well as school starting later this year.

I love working with groups, though there is a special space in my heart for individual work so we can get into the specifics of WHO YOU ARE and where stands your total/holistic health. When we learn to live into the qualities of who our Higher Selves are we experience more inner peace, total health, mental & emotional ease, abundance on all levels, JOY, etc. etc. Not only do we embody this, but we offer it as if an invisible (though very real) gift to others; it's the gift we keep on giving.

I'm keeping the price consistent with the other private work I offer through Medicine Bird. So, even if you are looking for a single session, we can do that. See the "Offerings" page. Since these are longer sessions (usually a minimum of 2 hours) cost per hour is super affordable. & should you need to create a payment plan, that is also something we can chat about.

In Love & service,


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