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The new reiki: It's not just for hippies anymore

What is Reiki & why should I care?

Short answer: Reiki is a form of preventative and curative natural medicine. And I care because I want to live, be healthy and I want to feel as good as I can while doing so.

Why else should I care?

Can any of us argue after the shared experience of Covid that perhaps now is the time to start looking more seriously than ever at our health? 

We are now, together, receiving a global wake up call. & we can react sanely, or insanely.

Insanity: pumping energy into the same old stories over and over.

If you’re choosing sanity, continue reading.

We are entering a new time together. We are a new people, living on a new earth. I recently heard the phrase: *God is change. My reaction to hearing that: Woah. That was an Aha moment times 10.

The old story: I go about my life. One day I don’t feel good. I go to the doctor, and if there is indeed a problem with me physically, I get the choice of two main western-based tools in the emergency-care too kit to manage my symptoms: a prescription and/or some form of procedure.

I hugely appreciate emergency/symptom care. We need it. But call it what is. It will buy me some time (thank God!) before whatever is driving the problem shows up around the next corner.

This is where natural medicine comes in.

I don’t want to mask a problem. I’ve done this for years. I’m sane now (for the most part…hopefully). Fix the actual source of the problem, some one, some thing, please. And help me feel fantastic. That’s what I really want.

Wikipedia seems to me to be a good barometer and holder of larger popular cultural definitions or beliefs (belief: a thought one continues to think). Here is their definition: Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a **”universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

That sounds really woo to me, Erika. New age, woo.

Yep. Did to me too. Until I, A. experienced it myself, and B. researched the hard science behind it.

If you’re still reading this, and you have not yet heard about the water experiments of Dr Emoto, Google him. He has consistent, science-based proof that intention changes the molecular structure of water. During a given experiment, someone holds a glass of water along with a loving intention. What happens? Each water molecule forms literal geometrical symmetry. What happens when the person holds the water and a negatively-weighted feeling or intention? A malformed, asymmetrically-shaped water molecule. One molecule looks like a pristine snowflake. The other looks like an amorphous glob. When I feel into the implications of this I become nearly breathless.

As a doctoral student of natural medicine I learn a good deal about the hard science that supports the woo. Take the crystal quartz for example. Doesn’t get much more woo than crystals. The crystal quartz holds a crystalline structure that is one of the world’s most perfect holder’s of information and enablers/vehicles of communication. Our phones and computers right this very instant are full of crystal quartz. When scientists look at the make up of water, we see that it is virtually liquid crystal quartz. 

Now, our bodies are roughly between 70 and 80% water: we are like finely tuned crystal chips holding and passing new and stored information in and around our bodies. Yes, I said around. The earth as well as our bodies radiate both energetic and electromagnetic fields that most of us cannot see with the naked eye. I’ll tell ya what. I cannot see a virus, nor can I see a thought, and both are, without a doubt, powerful.

Dr Caroline Myss, world renowned writer, spiritual teacher and highly gifted medical intuitive agrees that all begins on the unseen/non-physical level. Side note: did you all know that western medical doctors have been calling Caroline for 30 plus years now to help diagnose their patients? Over the phone she will say: "throat cancer, leukemia, fibromyalgia." At a distance, she senses the pattern of these well-known diseases in the invisible fields around the patients. She is accurate every time. True story. Myss agrees, as many in her field do, myself included, that what begins in that space, winds up a densely energetically layered object manifested. Simply put, thoughts become things. In this divinely (non-physical) human experience (physical) we’re all having, the physical level is the last stop. All begins on a subtle, non-physical, energetic level (think: an invention begins in thought).

I was certified years ago in what is called Channeled Light Healing Reiki. Also called “Beyond Reiki.” It is called this because, remember, all is changing, all of the time. As a Master CLH channel I am attuned to receive and deliver the highest energy available currently. If you’d like to learn more about this, see the work of highly respected spiritual teacher and psychic medium Alyssa Malehorn. I am in lifetime training with Alyssa and highly recommend her as one of my strongest colleagues in the field.

I want to try Reiki. How do I find the right practitioner? What should I pay?

How do you find a the right hair dresser or dentist or mechanic? Ask around. Do some research. And cost varies. Take a risk and try one out and see if you like the results. Here is an excerpt from my most recent newsletter (make sure to request from me a spot on this newsletter if you’re interested. All I need is to hear from you with your email address). I am running a stay-at-home special right now called, The Receiving Room. Cost: $155 (or $125 each for a 5-pack) Get One, Gift One/#payitforward to a friend or healthcare worker in need when you purchase a 5-pack. & there is plenty of need right now! Help yourself, help someone else. In the new earth, as we give up old stories, and old ways, giving/cooperation, replaces competition.

1. The Receiving Room (Zoom):

Lie back in a comfy position and receive "Beyond Reiki," some of the most current, high, healing energies. We are energetic beings living in and affected by a larger energetic environment. Dr. Caroline Myss in a recent newsletter said: All exists on the spiritual plane first, and it must have a physical outlet. What is in our surrounding mental and emotional atmosphere may be contributing to difficult moods, physical dis-ease, obsessive thinking, addictive behaviors and self-pity or self-anger/hate. If it's showing up in your actual physical life, it's hanging around in your surrounding energetic field. As an intuitive energy worker I sense this and help to facilitate the repair of what are felt by many as disruptions (sometimes holes or leaks) in your field that contribute to feeling and assimilating strongly, life's challenges. A repaired field contributes to our feelings of well being, resilience and overall health.  After the receiving session you will get a list of suggested, simple exercises to continue to keep these aspects clear. 

Just like physical technology, one does not need to be wired up or in the same room or even on the same continent for that matter; information is transmitted and received despite distance.

Lastly, follow your feeling. Do what feels right. After all, that is one of the biggest characteristics of this new world we are stepping into. No longer does anything out side of us hold authority. WE are our own authority. WE do what feels right for us, when it feels right for us. We are sovereign beings. Some of us forgot that for a while, but we are awake(ning) to it now.

Wishing you ease and other blessings…


*God is the word I currently use to describe whatever undeniable energy is being pumped into all living things; whatever continues to hold the planets in perfect proximity to one another. Whatever continues to germinate and sprout plant babies, animal babies, human babies. Synonyms: Creative Intelligence, Source, Spirit, Science, The Universe, All-that-is.

**Universal or Vital energy: the fuel from this main source of energy that moves through all things including the sun, plants and human beings.

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