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"Yoga Extras:" (VIDEOS) Resources for the wk of: Fri 10/20-T 10/24

I am creating these "Yoga Extras" blog posts for those of you resonating with the public yoga classes & Yoga Teacher Trainings I am leading. Inside of these blog posts you will find extra resources that support our weekly class theme. The weekly classes I guide are themed according to the season & collective energetic "weather"--This is of course influenced by many things; for instance, not only national and global events but how masses of people are feeling about and reacting to those events. It is also influenced by space weather (see & the current movement/placement of celestial bodies ie: the sun, moon, planets, nodes, stars, etc. You can find me teaching currently at Black Swan Yoga (North-Anderson) in Austin, TX. I am on the schedule as "Erika K." Mention this webpage for a free class.

Physical Focus (Peak Pose): Standing on our hands.

Philosophical: Consider the phrase: "Be in the world, not of it." The world leads with a certain lens, one that has become so familiar to many that it is believed to be reality, when it is instead, a product of culture. If one is drawn to experiment seeing through a mystical (some may use the word "spiritual") lens rather than a rational/cultural one, one generally must flip the norm on its head (or for our purposes, hands). To say this another way: Spiritual/Yogic/Natural/Mystical/Real/Quantum (synonymous words here) Wisdom is often completely counter intuitive to what many of us were raised to believe. But this is the whole point of our yoga/spiritual practices: to shed the false or illusory layers over our eyes (like that of a snake's eye plates) in order to start to see more clearly what Reality/Truth is. And then the big embody/live those Higher Truths on this dense earth plane. Ie: "Bring heaven to earth."

Hey. You. See pic below. This is happening tomorrow. If you like yoga, you're going to love this. This Saturday (10/21), Casa de Luz Fall Wellness Fest! Come support yourself & your fellow wellness practitioners. See pic and details below. I'll be there all day with all sorts of fun mystical toys for you to experiment with. Join us and let's all hang out and enjoy a beautiful weekend day together.

Hey Pumpkins.

I'm sharing with you below several short vid clips that I've found to be greatly inspiring. I'm loving watching others shift into higher dimensions of their true/authentic loving Selves. There is evidence all over the internet. People are dropping their fear left and right & are sharing their truth. I myself feel as if I am crawling out a fear hole I dug for myself over the last couple of years where I just did not feel safe enough to contend with the multitude of heavier energies on social media. But I'm finding that younger generations are coming in with higher levels of love, authenticity & energies of cooperation rather than old world competition and I am finding myself actually desiring to join in with these more expansive/accepting conversations. So, I am breaking my own fear mold and putting some Tik Tok's out there. I know that I cannot just say words but must actually take courageous action in areas that feel cringy/unknown to me. Under the cringe & inside the unknown is simply where lies more of OURSELVES. Knowing this and doing something about it are two different things. My hopes are that many of you are tapping into your own stores of courage to live as yourSelf, minus, or even WITH the human feelings of fear. When our own tide rises, all ships lift. This is how we Love (verb use of the word intended here) all sentient life. Here's one more thing. If you are also feeling the call to Love through other means, here is a resource I trust.

There are many on the planet that are in need of the medicine of our expansion, prayers/Higher Thoughts as well as energies of finances if such an act of energetic exchange resonates in your own unique heart.

See some of you tomorrow (Saturday) at Casa.

Loving our human family,


Readings for the week below:

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