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The Receiving Room

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 155 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Lie back in a comfy position and receive "Beyond Reiki," some of the most current, high, healing energies . We are energetic beings living in and affected by a larger energetic environment.  Dr. Caroline Myss, arguably one of the most brilliantly connected spiritual teachers/medical intuitives walking the planet today recently said: All exists on the spiritual plane first, and it must have a physical outlet. What is in our surrounding mental and emotional atmosphere may be contributing to difficult moods, physical dis-ease, obsessive thinking, addictive behaviors and self-pity or self-anger/hate. If it's showing up in your actual physical life, it's hanging around in your surrounding energetic field. As an intuitive energy worker, I sense this, help to facilitate the repair of what are felt by many as disruptions (sometimes holes or leaks) in your field that contribute to feeling strongly, life's challenges. A repaired field contributes to our feelings of well being, resilience and overall health.  After the receiving session you will get a list of suggested, simple exercises to continue to keep these aspects clear. 

Contact Details


7004 Longford Trail, Austin, TX, USA

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