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Teacher Training Continuing Education & Individual Mentorship (Levels I & II)

Erika receives regular inquiries from teacher trainees currently enrolled in certification programs, newly certified as well as seasoned teachers looking to refine and expand their skills as both practitioner and teacher. This program is individually-tailored and available on a continual basis; it may be of interest if you are hoping to hone your abilities in verbal cueing; creative class construction; teaching in & from a “state of alignment;” verbal delivery skills; breath & voice work; using one’s personal challenges both past & present as fertilizer for heart-rich, honest, connective teaching. Completion of the Level I program will be required for entry into Level II, "Deeper Studies."

Yoga Teacher Training Certification

This portion of the school is currently under design/construction. Contact Erika with curiosities. 

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"YOGA" comes from the root word yuj meaning to yoke or unite. The aim of this work is to practice toward this unification of the physical and spiritual selves in order to reclaim our liberation, joy, and personal power. 
Erika Kluthe

Austin, TX


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