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Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. --Anne Ortlee, Predictive Astrologer

The weekly classes I guide are themed according to collective energetic "weather," which is a combination of how humanity, in large part, is feeling/being in the moment, which is influenced by many things of course, but in large part, the movement and placement of celestial bodies ie: the sun, moon, planets, stars, etc. You can find me teaching currently at Black Swan Yoga (North-Anderson) in Austin, TX. I am on the schedule as "Erika K." Mention this webpage for a free class.

July21st-26th, 2022

The theme for the week: JOY IN THE MIDST OF BEDLAM. The energetic weather for the week has qualities: deep feelings, letting go, vulnerability, new beginnings stirring. 

July 14th-19th, 2022

The theme for the week, boiled down: LETTING GO. That phrase bothered me for yeaaaars. It's an abstract phrase & I had no clue what it really meant or how to go about "letting go." The video below contains one of the BEST explanations I've ever heard. I hope it's as illuminative for you & it has been for me. Love, e. 


03rd, 2022

The theme for the week: BIG SHIFTS/CHANGE. The energetic weather for the week has qualities: new beginnings with the energy of the new moon (inevitable letting go to create space).  

August 4th -9th, 2022

The theme for the week is BREAKTHROUGHS for both the collective as well as for us individually. Can you feel it? Do you see it in others? I sure can (both). The astrological weather & collective energy can feel tough/disruptive this week, like, more days of the week than not. I almost feel squeezed, literally, by atmospheric pressure. It's showing up personally in bad headaches and heavy, almost sad feelings, squished right up against feelings of excitement for life & inspiration--a strange combo. If you're feeling odd to say the least, you're not alone & factors greater than us are contributing. You're not nuts! Included here are some super interesting quotes (a few on the definition of breakthrough) from the being who started EST/Landmark Education. Coming from him they are not surprisingly, surprisingly layered, unusual & interesting. I hope you enjoy sitting with these as I have. xo  

August 11th-17th

This is a week all about ILLUMINATION! Starting today with the fourth and final "Supermoon" (also call Sturgeon Moon) of the year. This moon is rather close to the earth & many of us can feels its effects. We are also experiencing the waning energies of the "Lion's Gate" portal where life on the planet is experiencing the effects of the line up between the earth, the sun, the star Sirius and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. I certainly don't understand it all. I'm just interested--a curious beginner. I can say, however, that I myself am experiencing the repeat personal insights, Aha's & illuminations that such phenomena purports. I'm also watching how it is revealed in the many I encounter during the week out in life, in the many public classes I teach all week & the folks I see in my private work. With those dear beings especially I am witnessing evidence of the deepest personal questioning & transformation from the smaller personality self to the High Transcendent Soul Self (who we really are outside of cultural conditioning). Very, very exciting!

August 14-21st

This week: The SUN continues to reveal secrets as well as demand our attention, therefore ILLUMINATION continues with a personal & collective call to ACTION to step into the light, aka: have you had an 'Aha' moment? BREAKDOWN/BREAKTHROUGH/INSIGHT that requires you to make a forward-moving decision into new possibility? It's easy to see how this is all playing out in current world and political affairs, but how about for YOU specifically? Many are telling me about moves, break ups, major job/career change, pregnancies, accidents, dying car engines, etc. The secure, power position for the modern mystic/waking being/lightworker is to stay OPEN open open to what life is showing us. "Turn your head away from what is dying," and actively appreciate our current gifts. Self-care (including extra sleep, play and potentially, therapeutic support if a high amount of shadow is keeping elusive such things. Finally, enjoy the podcast to the right; Anne Ortlee has been a favorite (predictive) astrological reference for years. Lots to learn from her! 

August 24th-31st

The theme for the week is CHANGE. What was illuminated over the past couple of weeks, required action on our parts to activate, is now revealing itself in changes in both the collective and our personal lives. On my end, I've been ill in bed for a week now after a second round with the virus & seeing as I didn't get a chance to develop last week's theme using the weekly playlist and readings, I'll be using those for this week.  
What changes are you beginning to witness around and within you?

August 31st-SepT 7th 

The theme for the week is REFLECTION & embracing charged-feeling blocks or obstacles. The astrological week is supposed to be much more gentle (phew!!!) after our few past weeks of the sun's influence on illumination, action & change (at times uncomfortable and even downright painful). Since so much has happened as of late, we have a week to REFLECT back on what has taken place, including an astrological phenomenon called a "Finger of God" which can feel like quick explosive shifts or revelations. Revelations including shadow or secrets exposed. A truth has been spoken & there is no ignoring it without consequence. Speaking personally, I have felt all of this BIG TIME (& without mincing words, it's felt like shit quite frankly). How I'm interpreting this: after all that has been illuminated & revealed, am I being true to my Soul's knowing (often leads to a less-safe-feeling path forward) or am I going to give in to that old Archetype of The Prostitute who sells their soul for safety? Sidenote: There are no wrong choices, but there ARE consequences to any choice made--). These questions initially scared the crap out 0f me until I calmed down enough to remember that the power is in the softening (literally...relax, meditate, be still), being where my feet are (present!) & relaxing away from resistance (ie: becoming more friendly and less hostile toward what life is presenting). This is the posture of wisdom, so say the wisdom traditions. We will not be handed answers. As Rumi suggests, we must (get to) live our way into the answers. 

Poem for the week:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it, (and embrace them).



Sept 4-11, 2022

With the influential qualities of Virgo alive & well this week is a good time to prep ourselves, organize, clear out all the extra, unnecessary clutter in our homes, our schedules, our bodies (yoga, etc) minds (breathwork/meditation/affirmations/mantra) & hearts (forgive someone on paper or face to face). & how about the spirit? Have you considered creating for yourself a sadhana: a daily morning practice including all of the above with the addition of journaling after reading what you may consider a sacred text?  Change change change is happening & the lighter our load, the smoother our paths. Having extra clutter-shit (made up word) ;) in our lives is a sure way to open the door to overwhelm, slowed progress and feelings of anxiety. Planetary and cosmic energies continue to speed up & we need a lighter vehicle in order to not only keep up, but to have the space for all the gifts that are on their way.  

Sept 15th-21st, 2022

In the last official few days of summer, the full moon in Pisces is barely behind us, so instead of being in the growing light of the moon, we are experiencing greater darkness in the night skies.  I've been exploring new sources of info on how the celestial movement above us affects our earthly lives. What the writers of Cafe Astrology (see full text to the right, or below on the mobile version) are saying: After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week's Full Moon, we disperse our knowledge, coming to a point when we need to sort out what works for us-and what doesn't. This is in preparation for next week's New Moon when something new is born once again. 
Can you place this anywhere in your life? I freakin can. I find it wild how difficult it can be to release old sources of comfort that we know are no longer working for us. God bless us for just trying to self-soothe in a life that can feel scary and overwhelming at times. I also wonder what gifts await us when we create that vacuum in our lives by releasing dead old weight. The universe loves and seeks to fill a vacuum!

 The brilliant poem for the week! 

P.S. I heard (& felt) several times this week folks say how it felt like they were walking around in a dream, or were feeling foggy and out of it. Know that solar flares were especially high and can affect how we feel. Start to learn about this by watching live activity on the space weather site above.   

Sept 22nd-27th, 2022

Welcome Autumn on the 22nd. Welcome a new moon and a new chapter in our lives beginning on the 25th. Time to sweep away the last of the debris we no longer wish to carry forward with us into this new time. 
Mercury continues in its Retrograde position so be on the lookout for miscommunications. There is also an astrological phenomenon called a "Finger of God" occurring this week--this consists of fated events taking place and "Aha" or "Wow" reactions to these revelations in our culture and personal lives. May our yoga practice this week prepare us for all that is coming and going, shifting and birthing. 
Also, Deepak Chopra will be in town soon for those of you interested. The tickets are affordable. They run from about $39-$139 (the higher prices are front section seats). The Long Center contacted me due to my company's work in the holistic wellness community and asked if we would help them spread the word. I have no financial affiliation with this event. I am simply passing an exciting opportunity on. xo

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Sept 29th-Oct 5th, 2022

This week's theme: Committing to change, preparations for said change & recommitment to one's own intuitive lens/knowing (IE: IT'S TIME TO TAKE OUR POWER BACK). 
Lots is happening on this big blue planet of ours. According to some Western and Vedic astrological sources there are some intense cosmic pockets this week and we are also approaching the end of Mercury Retrograde where communication is said to clear up.
Earlier this week, however, I talked with an old teaching colleague. From the convo we were both reminded that any answers or guidance we are seeking never come from the outside. Not from astrology, not channels, not Tik Tok, not large religious or spiritual bodies. And most definitely not any news source. WE are the "channels" that receive the guidance that is meant only for US. Period. If a radio dial isn't tuned to its proper receiving frequency or if a phone or Zoom connection is interrupted by static, freezing or other interference, the message can't be clearly relayed or received. Our bodies, our own bio-technology work similarly. 

Every week I create classes that help support the clearing and strengthening of our body-phones or body-radios, if you will. But yoga asana, some breathwork/energy work a few times a week is but a beginning. Can you feel it inside of yourself, that a great deal of us are being called to expand? To not only add these cleansing and strengthening elements to our everyday lives, but also to release what we might be engaging with regularly that is jamming the frequencies/clogging the pipes. Moral of the story: IT'S TIME TO TAKE OUR RIGHTFUL POWER BACK. *see video for more.

October 6th-12th

This week's theme: APARIGRAHA: "Non-grasping"--opening up to the greater mystery, & possibility. Is there more to life beyond what the outer eye can see?

We've got a full moon in Libra/Aries on the 9th, though astrologically speaking, the skies are much more calm this week and Mercury is no longer in the retrograde microwave (heehee) which SHOULD make communication issues more smooth here on earth, YET, the solar flare activity has been high and intense (multiple flares and many of those flares are intensly strong). If you're paying any attention to world news it's hard to miss both the natural and manmade chaos. Now I'm just one person watching and feeling into life events, but as a natural intuitive & lightworker my gut feeling backed by study re: such things is that there is a connection between these flares and the chaotic activity bouncing around the planet. If you're curious about how space weather affects us wee earthlings, see the video. Lastly, and most importantly, what do you see besides the chaos of massive flooding, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, political upheaval, financial systems teetering, and protests? Are you also witnessing and feeling the coming together of masses of people gathering to help one another, to find more humane ways of living and loving one another as well as our shared earthly home? Darkness illuminating light and light illuminating darkness? I'm left thinking about the parable of the two tigers in the room. Which one grows? The one you feed.
Happy fall and high holy days that many have been observing. xo