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Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. --Anne Ortlee, Predictive Astrologer

The weekly classes I guide are themed according to collective energetic "weather," which is a combination of how humanity, in large part, is feeling/being in the moment, which is influenced by many things of course, but in large part, the movement and placement of celestial bodies ie: the sun, moon, planets, stars, etc. You can find me teaching currently at Black Swan Yoga (North-Anderson) in Austin, TX. I am on the schedule as "Erika K." Mention this webpage for a free class.

July21st-26th, 2022

The theme for the week: JOY IN THE MIDST OF BEDLAM. The energetic weather for the week has qualities: deep feelings, letting go, vulnerability, new beginnings stirring. 

July 14th-19th, 2022

The theme for the week, boiled down: LETTING GO. That phrase bothered me for yeaaaars. It's an abstract phrase & I had no clue what it really meant or how to go about "letting go." The video below contains one of the BEST explanations I've ever heard. I hope it's as illuminative for you & it has been for me. Love, e. 


03rd, 2022

The theme for the week: BIG SHIFTS/CHANGE. The energetic weather for the week has qualities: new beginnings with the energy of the new moon (inevitable letting go to create space).  

August 4th -9th, 2022

The theme for the week is BREAKTHROUGHS for both the collective as well as for us individually. Can you feel it? Do you see it in others? I sure can (both). The astrological weather & collective energy can feel tough/disruptive this week, like, more days of the week than not. I almost feel squeezed, literally, by atmospheric pressure. It's showing up personally in bad headaches and heavy, almost sad feelings, squished right up against feelings of excitement for life & inspiration--a strange combo. If you're feeling odd to say the least, you're not alone & factors greater than us are contributing. You're not nuts! Included here are some super interesting quotes (a few on the definition of breakthrough) from the being who started EST/Landmark Education. Coming from him they are not surprisingly, surprisingly layered, unusual & interesting. I hope you enjoy sitting with these as I have. xo  

August 11th-17th

This is a week all about ILLUMINATION! Starting today with the fourth and final "Supermoon" (also call Sturgeon Moon) of the year. This moon is rather close to the earth & many of us can feels its effects. We are also experiencing the waning energies of the "Lion's Gate" portal where life on the planet is experiencing the effects of the line up between the earth, the sun, the star Sirius and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. I certainly don't understand it all. I'm just interested--a curious beginner. I can say, however, that I myself am experiencing the repeat personal insights, Aha's & illuminations that such phenomena purports. I'm also watching how it is revealed in the many I encounter during the week out in life, in the many public classes I teach all week & the folks I see in my private work. With those dear beings especially I am witnessing evidence of the deepest personal questioning & transformation from the smaller personality self to the High Transcendent Soul Self (who we really are outside of cultural conditioning). Very, very exciting!

August 14-21st

This week: The SUN continues to reveal secrets as well as demand our attention, therefore ILLUMINATION continues with a personal & collective call to ACTION to step into the light, aka: have you had an 'Aha' moment? BREAKDOWN/BREAKTHROUGH/INSIGHT that requires you to make a forward-moving decision into new possibility? It's easy to see how this is all playing out in current world and political affairs, but how about for YOU specifically? Many are telling me about moves, break ups, major job/career change, pregnancies, accidents, dying car engines, etc. The secure, power position for the modern mystic/waking being/lightworker is to stay OPEN open open to what life is showing us. "Turn your head away from what is dying," and actively appreciate our current gifts. Self-care (including extra sleep, play and potentially, therapeutic support if a high amount of shadow is keeping elusive such things. Finally, enjoy the podcast to the right; Anne Ortlee has been a favorite (predictive) astrological reference for years. Lots to learn from her!