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S P R I N G   H I G H L I G H T

Y O U R  Y O G A

E N E R G I Z E D:

A Holistic Activation

*(Now includes Cupping!)


 *Cupping: Cupping is a therapeutic modality used to release deep muscular tension all over the body (most specifically the neck shoulders and back! Chinese healers say that muscular tension cannot be rubbed out; it is like a tack in the rug that must be pulled up.) It's the ONLY thing that has helped my aching shoulders and neck pain. Cupping also helps pull one's personal energy back to it's power source in the body: the spine. Do you feel like you leak energy, or are unbalanced/ungrounded? This treatment may become your new fav. Cupping also increases circulation and encourages lymphatic flow. A cylinder is placed over the skin and air is pulled out, creating suction. Blood is drawn into the area, feeding oxygen and nutrients to stagnated tissues and the superficial fascia is stretched. This therapy may leave a small bruise on the skin, a sign of increased blood and lymph flow to the area. Doubters beware; I too was once like you. Now I'm hooked to the sucky cups. 

A non-refundable payment holds your spot. Venmo: Erika Kluthe Paypal: PayPal.Me/erikakyoga: (text/email anytime)
(c) (561) 703-9150


Y O U R  Y O G A  

E N E R G I Z E D: 

A Holistic Activation--> 

Think of this as 75-90 minutes of Yoga Therapy/Meditative Journey on caffeine...or Vitamin C, Maca & Wheatgrass. We will work through 4 stages of the self: Physical, Psychic, Emotional (breathbody) & Spiritual/Energetic. We will be doing therapeutic energetic practices to release the hold of old patterns and replace them with upgraded programs (just like on a computer). You will walk away with a new personalized compass to follow. I have recently re-walked this internal landscape with a mentor and feel SO MUCH BETTER AND MORE CLEAR ALREADY!

You will also receive 6 months of monthly Zoom calls with me as follow up aftercare with personalized energy updates. 


Before we meet I will send you a written “test” of sorts, along with a writing assignment with specific questions to get to(ward) the bottom of where you are on a scale of general soul health. (The main intention of this modality is to get conscious of patterns of behavior—physical, psychic, emotional & spiritual) & consider alternative choices. This is not a “cure” for anything, it’s an activation or an energizing to enliven different aspects of you to “get outside, get some fresh air and exercise” so to speak. It’s like holistic cross-training; marathon runners plateau if all they do it run long-distance. Get them into a yoga class and you will see their performance and enjoyment levels of their sport increase. 


Are you living in your personality; allowing it to drive the vehicle? Or are you actively living your soul attributes—allowing IT, the soul, to be the natural leader that it is. The ego was never meant to drive. An old proverb (and I paraphrase) says that it makes a great slave and a lousy master. Most westerners, some would say most humans, have the ego/personality/finite self driving rather than the infinitely powerful and divinely connected soul-Self. This is like walking through life backward (and if you’ve ever actually tried to walk backward, you get somewhere, but its awkward, tiring, disorienting and strengthens the wrong muscles.  


The seminal text supporting our work is written by Dr. Thurman Fleet (D.C.), a decorated military officer who had a massive spiritual experience. Shortly after he channeled the following text— Rays of the Dawn: Natural Laws of the Body, Mind & Soul (A Total Health Handbook). Dr. Fleet then started The Concept-Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas.The handbook goes into great detail of personality attributes and their opposing aspect, the soul attribute. For example, if you are painfully experiencing the energy of jealousy (a personality attribute) it means that your focus has been removed from the soul attribute of non-interference (a natural or soul law). 

One definition of yoga: To yoke, or unite, physical and non-physical (or your human to your spirit).


How’s your yoga game these days? Stagnant? Non-existent? Healthy?


If you answered “Yyyyyep!” to the former, this is an opportunity to 

take your yoga to a yoga health clinic, so to speak.  


I will spend time meditating on your writing which will inform our in-person session (which includes 40 mins + of energy work). We are essentially feeling for the big rocks in the dam disturbing the flow of your total health. Pull the boulders out and the smaller rocks start to move with the force of the water, ie: the natural movement of your energy-body. 


A personal example of consciously moving out of old and into new behaviors to help shift from living from the personality to that of the soul:



  1. An accumulation of lymph in my body was contributing to over-thinking. I now jump on a trampoline regularly to stimulate this as well as my energy body.

  2. Too much sugar in my system was dumping into my feet and contributing to intense foot pain. I significantly increased a variation of vegetation and prana-rich foods which is naturally a highly limited sugar diet.  


Psychic (mental):

  1. Fear of my impending mother’s death was gripping me like a vice and wreaking havoc in my system. Twice a day I repeat automatic statements to unloosen the grip. 

  2. I perform quick weekly activities (that were daily at first) to release her.  



1. A particularly emotional aspect of my energy-body was stuck in a specific time in the past from a painful trauma. I performed 3 short meditative ceremonies in 3 different locations (recommended by Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi) that yielded almost spooky results the very next day. This loosened the grip of the trauma file. 



1. I meditate between 5 & 6 a.m. in an energetically boosted environment (560 hz: a frequency near that of unconditional love…it’s like the equivalent of meditating daily in the Notre Dame).

2. I have adopted a new spiritual compass.     



  1. A return of lost stores of your vital energy

  2. More mental rest/peace around once-disturbing energies

  3. Clarity surrounding the spiritual compass you follow daily

  4. More time spent in the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which increases metabolic processes, mental focus and abilities, etc. 

  5. Self-confidence/Self Worth

  6. The list goes on… 



Erika Kluthe, MFA, YT 500+

Doctoral student of Natural Medicine & Consciousness Studies

Yoga Therapist/Spiritual Catalyst

Dharma Yoga Certified Teacher 

Teacher Trainer & Mentor

Channeled Light Healing Reiki Master/

Craniosacral Practitioner 

Regular exchange amount is $333. Venmo: Erika Kluthe, Paypal: PayPal.Me/erikakyoga 

First come, first served. Modalities are extremely limited & already filling.

Image by Diego PH


BEYOND REIKI: The Receiving Room

Receive "Beyond Reiki," some of the most current, high, healing energies




Yoga Therapy

YOGA THERAPY: The Receiving Room

Engage in exercises designed to upgrade your self care



Having an airline captain for a father, Erika grew up exposed to a broad global palate; it follows that in her service as an artist, teacher, and spiritual catalyst she is interested in and influenced by many different traditions of spiritual study, creative expression and healing/awakening modalities.  As an advanced certified yoga instructor she has trained in alignment-based vinyasa, ashtanga, bikram, restorative, hatha, several forms of meditation and Dharma Yoga.  Her expertise lies in the invisible realm as she continues a now ten-year-long study of subtle  (spiritual) energy. Erika’s teaching incorporates a variety of transformational elements not limited to but including: Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness practices and Shamatha Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka "tapping"), Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), breathing exercises (pranayama), subtle body work incorporating Kundalini yoga, multi-sensory stimulation, creative writing , smokeless salt fires, the shamanic arts, intuitive movement, Channeled Light Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga Nidra and biofeedback: all strong forms of natural medicine. Erika is currently a doctoral student of natural medicine and consciousness studies. 
The heart of Erika's offering hopes to influence an individual’s healing and promote positive personal transformation on one’s dharmic path: one’s most joyful, liberated, vital, embodied spiritual experience. Erika weaves together cultural traditions, science, rituals, spiritual and religious practices, and 12-step recovery work into yogic and meditative journeys to help people heal, get present, and celebrate their lives. Check in regularly for updated themes, readings, music and to find out when and where you can join a scheduled class, workshop, or retreat. Erika is also available for booking in private or group work.
When she's in town you can find her classes at these Austin locations:
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