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"Yoga Extras:" Resources for the wk of: Fri 12/8 to T 12/12

I am creating these "Yoga Extras" blog posts for those of you resonating with the public yoga classes & Yoga Teacher Trainings I am leading. Inside of these blog posts you will find extra resources that support our weekly class theme. The weekly classes I guide are themed according to the season & collective energetic "weather"--This is of course influenced by many things; for instance, not only national and global events but how masses of people are feeling about and reacting to those events. It is also influenced by space weather (see & the current movement/placement of celestial bodies ie: the sun, moon, planets, nodes, stars, etc. You can find me teaching currently at Black Swan Yoga (North-Anderson) in Austin, TX. I am on the schedule as "Erika K." Mention this webpage for a free class.

Physical Focus (Peak Pose): This week, a variation on last week's full body sequence with an emphasis on heart-opening, is a slower-paced flow with a focus on central nervous system release.

Philosophical: Homecoming: What we are looking for already exists inside of ourselves; our task is release what does not belong to us: what densely clutters & stands in the way of that clear, brilliant Higher Self that we are absolutely.

The video below is quite short. If you listen to anything, listen to the last thing he says at the end of this clip.

This week's reading, though Nepo-esque, comes not from Mark Nepo, but from Brianna Wiest's prose and poetry collection: Ceremony. See below:

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